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Step 1: Shuttle Rates

Selway River

Paradise Guard Station to Selway Falls Parking Lot

From:  Paradise Guard Station

To:      Selway Falls


$390\each (1 Vehicle - Discount Available)


$320\each (2 - 3 Vehicles)


$300\each (4+ Vehicles)


$60-$100   Depends on Vehicle


  • $40 off a single vehicle shuttle if you can drive in with the shuttle driver.  Please alert us if this is the case and we will work out the details with you.  This is a great option if you have the room.
  • With our office in Darby we are not only the closest licensed shuttle company to the put-in but we're also very dependable.  This proximity to the river lowers our costs and we pass those on to you, however If you somehow find a better price with a licensed shuttle company let us know and we'll work it out with you. 

General Information

  • This is the normal shuttle for the Selway. 
  • I do not carry extra insurance, I expect your insurance to cover the driver of your vehicle.
  • Gas receipts and changes will be left in an envelope in a specified location.
  • I am located 4 miles northwest of Darby on Camp 4 Road, or I may be able to meet you in Darby.

Registration Options

1. Mail the form and payment to the address provided for Selway Shuttles

Provide Registration and payment at the time of check-in

Check-In Options

1. Check-In at location specified by Selway Shuttles in Darby, MT
2. Check-In by leaving the following in your vehicle at the put-in
  - Spare Keys left in pre-arranged location
  - Spare Keys should include all vehicle and trailer keys
  - If not already provided then registration and payment in a clearly marked envelope
    All paperwork should be left in the pre-arranged location
  - Your spare keys will be LOCKED inside your vehicle at the take out